Welcome to Creativa Studios!

Welcome to Creativa Studios!

Here at Creativa Studios we create software, frameworks and solutions to enable businesses to focus on what they do best: Run their business.  

Technology should make things easier, but often a mismatch of technology to business needs results in technology causing more problems than it solves. Business owners don't have time to find and combine the right technologies, yet it is critical that the correct technology decisions are made early in the game to keep business running smoothly & efficiently.  We're passionate about addressing this "Catch 22".

The Right Technologies

The Right Technologies

Creativa Studios creates building blocks that can be easily connected to address even the most complex business needs.  Like the finely machined parts used in an auto manufacturer's assembly line, our building blocks provide robust functionality without sacrificing quality or time to market.  

Technology plays a huge part in what we do - and we don't like re-inventing the wheel.  We employ an ecosystem of strategic technologies to power our solutions.  From the amazingly powerful and flexible technologies from Microsoft® software to great third party technologies and platforms such as DevExpress™ and DotNetNuke®, we do rigorous testing and certification prior to incorporating any technology into our frameworks or building blocks.

VECTOR™ Framework  

All of our solutions are built on our VECTOR™ Framework. This stands for "Visitor-Enabled Component Tree Object Representation". While it may sound complicated, it's actually a pretty simple yet elegant mixture of design patterns into a flexible architectural pattern which allows for extremely nimble and powerful technologies.

Building Blocks  

  • Building Block for Microsoft® ASP.NET™
  • Building Block for DotNetNuke®
  • Building Blocks for Windows®
  • Creativa Common™ Building Blocks:
    • cc Analytics™
    • cc Inventory™
    • cc Scheduling™



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